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This conference provided and understanding…

Of how health and wellness currently is being negatively affected from being a first responder and what can be done to continue helping people but also prioritizing personal health and well-being.


This training is extremely beneficial for any first responder!

The training will help you open your mind to how you can be the best version of yourself both on and off the job.


Very powerful, honest and inspiring conference!

The guest speakers ranged in all phases of what public safety workers and their families face every day. I now have more tools, confidence to continue to help both myself, fellow staff members and family tackle the difficult situations with greater understanding and strength.


I learned a valuable tool I used right away!

“I was impressed on how I learned valuable information with each speaker. I drove home from the conference Friday night and Saturday morning early we had an officer involved shooting where I represented the deputy who was the shooter. He was struggling when he watched back the body worn camera and I taught him box breathing which he was able to use many times as we processed the event throughout the day. Maybe I should call that the most valuable tool since I used it right away.”

This conference saved my life!

All of the speakers were very good. I'm glad they were willing to share some very personal experiences with us. It was very refreshing to hear about the ways to keep your mind and body healthy given what we have to deal with every day.

Spouses or significant others need to attend!

A lot of information and resources provided by people who have lived it. Their personal stories made it "real" and showed how getting help can and does save lives as well as careers. Each speaker, even if they were providing similar information, did it in such a way that it never seemed repetitive or boring. 


One of the best conferences/trainings I have been to in my 16 year career.

I would recommend this for administration personnel who could take the material and put it into place.


This conference should be available to agencies throughout the country.

Even though the conference was 1st responder focused the information was very useful in many other areas of focus.


More courses like this need to be available and encouraged.

This material should be included in the education process of all police/Fire/EMS personnel nationwide.


Will definitely recommend and take back what I've learned to my department.

This two day course was refreshing and encouraging.  A change in the culture has been needed for a long time. The resources shared are needed and over due.  Thanks to each and every presenter.

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