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Justification to Attend

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Do you need to seek approval from your leadership to attend our

First Responder Mental Health and Wellness Conference?


To assist you in justifying your attendance to supervisors or other decision makers, we have developed a list of reasons for attending the conference and a customizable letter you can give to your leadership.



  1. Network with others and see how other programs have overcome the challenges that your program is currently facing and take their lessons back to your organization.

  2. Get exposed to excellent programs/resources to give you ideas about enhancing your department/program and helping your organization in ways you never would have thought of on your own.

  3. Help to inspire others with what you’ve worked hard to accomplish.

  4. Gain specific skills, knowledge and experiences you can immediately bring back to your agency.

  5. Expand your knowledge, gain inspiration and creativity to build, improve and sustain your local health and wellness/peer support programs.

  6. Build a network of resources with other programs throughout the country and build relationships that aid you in your programs.

  7. Improve you and your family's overall wellness.

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